Thursday, August 19, 2010


Don't forget to write a Welcome Letter to your new students if you get the opportunity.  Everyone loves mail and if you have limited time, use the computer to type your letter and then change the name of the student.  Copy the letter on school related stationary for a nice touch.  
Also, after the first day of school, get on the phone immediately, and call your students.  You may have to leave messages, but that is fine.  It's the thought that counts.  I called from school.  To call 25 students takes about an hour of your time, but it is well-spent.  Let them know you enjoy having them in your class, you are looking forward to a great year, and you hope they had a good first day.  Tell them to go play outside, enjoy the rest of the day and you can hardly wait to seeing them tomorrow.  Parents love both these thoughtful gestures.  It starts the new year on a positive note.

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