Friday, August 13, 2010


Children have a lot of fun with tongue twisters.  Use this joy with our language to practice penmanship, encourage reading, and adding a touch of art.  Make sure you have a few tongue twister books available.  Let students spend a few days reading and enjoying the tongue twisters.  Students choose the item they want.    Then each child needs to figure out and explain what the tongue twister is all about and why it is funny.  I would make copies of chosen pages so that the books will not be needed to do the paper work.  Set aside time for students to neatly copy the tongue twister neatly on handwriting paper.
The paper needs space at the top for the student illustration.  Instruct that tongue twisters are written in a certain way like poetry is.  Students need to copy exactly.  Once writing is completed, student gets page checked by teacher for neatness and correctness in spelling and formation of letters (especially, if you are teaching cursive).  Then student get to draw a detailed picture to illustrate their writing.  That should be checked by the teacher also, just to encourage lots of detail and care, with less rushing to get done.  Then student can color.  We used crayons so there would be a choice of colors.  Have one artistic student illustrate your cover and one student with neat handwriting do a contents page.  Then put on the web and into a class book and watch students flip through it, reading and enjoying for many months.  Remember at the end of the year, to transfer papers to Journal/Memory Books.

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