Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After studying different landforms, students choose one to research further. After research student writes about the landform and draws a detailed picture. Post in the hallway or on the website. Teachers may want to put photos with an explanation of landforms interspersed with the students. After initial explanation, this could be done during center time. When you are ready to take off the wall, put in a class book or in Journal/Memory Books.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Read and discuss Johnny Appleseed. Then write major points from the story that students recall on the board. Have each student choose one of the points to draw and color. After doing detailed pencil drawings, the students need to get the teacher to write what the drawing is about, in black marker . The students color with markers. Make sure you review "coloring rules": 1. cover all the space. 2. color in one direction. 3. color neatly. Collect the pages and laminate. Then punch holes in the corners. Remember that the pages that are on the outside corners will not have 4 hole punches, so lay out the quilt before you punch. Use brown yarn to connect the corners. If you have extra spaces, use one laminated sheet as a title, one sheet as concepts learned, and one sheet as the illustrator section. Post the TALL TALE QUILT in the hallway and take a picture to put on your class Website. When your study is completed and you take down the quilt, take apart and put student pages in their Journal/Memory Book.


Photos show a CALENDAR AREA with a daily thought, a center - draw one of the sentences, and a poetry center. Another photo shows CALENDAR AREA with a thought of the day, a Did You Know Dog (put daily events, like Washington's Birthday), and a Story Problem of the Day. Another photo is the FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL CENTER featuring an Arthur Bulletin Board that has a First Day of School Poem and directions how to draw Arthur. One wall is RELIGIOUS/CHARACTER COUNTS WALL featuring a Marble Jar Party poster, Classroom Rules, Monthly Song of America. A window sill featured AUTHOR OF THE MONTH with a poster and books by the author. One wall had a center of MAP STUDY that changed routinely to help students learn about the United States in a fun way. The LANGUAGE ARTS WALL had 6 Traits Writing, Rules of Capitalization, Rules of Punctuation, and General Rules of Paper Work. One bulletin board was kept for SOCIAL SCIENCES. Finally the HOMEWORK CHART was kept in the front of the room so students could mark sections each day they brought in all of their homework completed. At the end of the week, we chose one of the sections to go to the PRIZE BOX.


Question: What can we find out about fall leaves?
Material: Worksheet, Leaves, Magnifier, Map Colored Pencils
Measure 4 leaves - use inch measurement
Pick 1 leaf to look at closely with a magnifier.
Carefully draw the leaf, the veins...
Color with map pencils.
Write a paragraph on the leaf paper.
~ tell about leaves
~ what is the same about them
~ what is different about them
~ what can you say about the colors
~ what do you know about touching the leaves
~ what can you say about the shapes
~ how did the leaf look different under the magnifier