Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Family Tree

~ Sponge paint paper for the frame. 
You can get a pre-cut frame to save
the work of cutting it out inside and out.
Set aside.
~ Print # of apples as people in the family.
Let dry~ Sponge paint the tree making sure to not
paint over the apples.  Let dry.
~ Sponge paint the trunk of the tree. Let dry.
~ When paint is dry, using a Sharpie pen,
write names of each person in the family
on an apple.  Below the leaves of the
tree write your Last Name and Family
Tree.  Then put the year.
~  Glue the frame on top of the piece of art.
Let dry.  Have students write a message
on the back of the picture.
It looks very nice laminated.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This project can be done with younger students by using the copy of the card that has the verse written for the child. All the child needs to do is sign his or her name beneath the verse. OR you can take up to the intermediate level and have the students copy the verse from the board, using best penmanship. I used this opportunity to have my 3rd graders practice their cursive writing.
No matter which level you choose to do this project all students need to draw a picture on the front of the card. I chose to use "guided drawing technique" and had the students follow my sketching as I did it on the board. We drew a tree on the left with flowers beneath, a sun at the right top with clouds beneath the sun, and a detailed picture of MOM with the student standing next to her.


               This project is written for 4th-5th graders.  I did it with 3rd graders successfully.  I believe 1st and 2nd could do it if the teacher read each direction and guided the students through each step.  Encourage neat coloring and cutting!


This project turns out great looking.  I used it to welcome parents for Back To School Night.  It would be great for Secretary's Day or to honor a special person.  Note:  I sat at the center with the 2-3 children that were working on their ray, to encourage neatness and lots of detail.  If you put just enough rays as the number of students then there is a larger work space for each child to draw and write on.  I would keep the main circle to use every year and add rays to it.  Tape it to your chalkboard.  Speaking of's another cute Welcome to Parents...


Change the year date.  Copy these sheets onto tag board back to back.  Encourage neat writing, detailed drawing, and nice coloring.  Check spelling.  Place in an envelope supplied by the school.  Send home the last week of school.  Remind the students to make sure to give to their father!


A lot of the gifts that students make are so special that they need to feel the gift is totally from them.  To achieve this, send this letter home.  Students do chores at home to earn the money needed for the gift. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Easy, quick, Mother's Day or Father's Day Card.  Cost is minimal - depending if you can get envelopes from the supply room or you can make envelopes from brown paper sacks.  Follow directions for ENVELOPE.  Encourage best coloring and handwriting.

Carefully cut out the envelope (you could use a pinking shears instead of a regular scissors to give your envelope an unusual jagged finish)

Fold over the flaps, one at a time, on top of the central square. When you get to the last flap, gently push one edge of the flap under the first flap.
Address your envelope on the other side.
You now have an unusual envelope/letter with curved flaps. If you want to seal it, you can either tape the flaps down securely or put a pretty sticker where the four flaps meet.