Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Family Tree

~ Sponge paint paper for the frame. 
You can get a pre-cut frame to save
the work of cutting it out inside and out.
Set aside.
~ Print # of apples as people in the family.
Let dry~ Sponge paint the tree making sure to not
paint over the apples.  Let dry.
~ Sponge paint the trunk of the tree. Let dry.
~ When paint is dry, using a Sharpie pen,
write names of each person in the family
on an apple.  Below the leaves of the
tree write your Last Name and Family
Tree.  Then put the year.
~  Glue the frame on top of the piece of art.
Let dry.  Have students write a message
on the back of the picture.
It looks very nice laminated.

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