Sunday, January 18, 2009


Season/Month: Thanksgiving-November
Age/Grade: Primary
Groups: Whole, Center
Materials: Pattern, Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue
This art project could be a culmination of "Leaf Study".    Have at least 6 templates of each item for students to trace.  You need seasonal colored construction paper.  I had them pre-cut into the approximate size of the leaves, so there was minimal waste.  For younger students, you could pre-cut the leaves or copy the leaf onto the paper, so students just need to cut.  The body template is a sturdy paper plate, the face is a butter dish cover.  Of course you could have templates for these items also.  I copied the feet on light brown construction paper and gave the students a set when they were ready for that part of the project.  Make sure their names are on it and have them draw the eyes.  How did I store all of this?  I stapled the side of a manilla folder shut and then tucked all the items inside (except the plate) and stored in my file drawer under NOVEMBER!  Have Fun.

1. Trace large paper plate on brown construction paper and cut out. This is the body.
2. Trace butter lid on yellow construction paper and cut out. This is the face.
3. Trace beak on orange construction paper and cut out.
4. Trace wattle on red construction paper and cut out.
5. Trace and cut out feet on tan construction paper.
6. To save time you can copy the leaves onto a variety of colored construction paper. The students can then cut out instead of tracing and cutting.

Makes a cute bulletin board or can hang from the ceiling.
Taken from The Mailbox Primary Magazine 1993- WONDERFUL RESOURCE TO USE. 


Season/Month: Thanksgiving-November
Age/Grade: Primary
Groups: Whole, Center,Individual
Materials: Construction Paper, scissors, glue, markers

Make patterns for the children to trace and cut out.
Make sure to have an example for children to see.]
Easy directions could be posted for children to follow.

91/2" x 71/4" tan construction paper
2" x 6" brown construction paper
brown triangular beak
black circular eyes
red waddle
4 hands cut out: red, yellow, green orange construction paper
yellow Indian Band


Season/Month: Thanksgiving-November
Age/Grade: Primary
Groups: Whole
Materials: Book, Copied Pilgrim, Paper Towel tubes, Colors, Glue

1. Read or listen to Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.
2. Hand out puppet pages to be colored (discuss colors pilgrims wore and how they made them).
3. Cut out the parts. Glue to cardboard roll.
4. If students are older you may make stations for children to go to to complete the Molly Doll, or have additional adult help.
Taken from Copycat 1991 (out of print) may purchase:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Great "Getting to Know You" Activity. Make sure you discuss issues that entail fingerprinting. Use a stamp pad to complete the identification cards.  To extend this project, you could pass out magnifying glass to each student and have them gather in pairs or groups to find differences in each others' prints.  Also can be used as a teaching tool to help students fill out forms correctly and neatly. Makes a nice Class Book that will be looked at all year long. Remember to put in Journal/Memory Book to go home at the end of the year . Paper is from Copycat 1989.  It is out-of-print.

Additional activities to extend this activity:

Thursday, January 8, 2009



Project goes along with book A, My Name Is Alice by Jane E. Bayer and Steven Kellogg.
Each child is assigned a letter(s) depending on how many children are in the classroom. I also had a child draw the front cover and a child make a Contents Page. This makes a cute class book that can be enjoyed all year. Great introduction to alliteration. At the end of the year put in the child's Journal/Memory Book.


A nice "Getting to Know You" activity that also helps students understand newspapers.
Pass out worksheet. You get nicer pictures and handwriting if you do this as a whole group, taking lots of time as needed. When completed this can be a hallway display and then be put into a class book to be enjoyed all year. At the end of the year, add to the child's Journal/Memory Book to take home.