Friday, October 16, 2015


Now that letters are learned by my preschooler, we are ready for sounds.  We have been playing 'what sound we hear' for awhile.  Now onto books to read...
I started the book with pictures of my grandson with  his name in print, then 'Mom and Dad', and finally my name is Jan-so it is added.  
I found books that had colorful pictures, scanned and printed them 81/2 by 11.  I love large and colorful.  Of course, I was looking for consonant-vowel-consonant words first.  They are the easiest to begin reading.
Once printed, I put the pictures in sleeves and put them into a small white binder.  Now all we do is flip through the book.  As my grandson names the pictures, I run my hand under the word and sound it out slowly. He mimics me.


As you work on the book, up the pace of 'what sound starts a word'.  You can concentrate on one sound or several.  Of course, also work on the short sounds of the vowels.
Below are the pictures I have started with:

Here are a few I have not added to the book:

I add pictures as I find them.  Stay with CVC format until your child knows the concept of sounding out the letters to read the words.
Then I plan to go to the /ar/ words: car, bar, far, jar, tar; /or/ words: for; and the other vowel/r combinations if all goes well.
And it will go on...

I like this flip book - already printed for me- for future use-I already cut up the /an/booklet to see if I liked how it worked:

Some additional pages you might use.