Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is a cute way to show your class how we fit into the Universe.  You might do it while you study The Solar System.  I posted it above the doorway so everyone could see it on the way out of the room.

Monday, October 4, 2010


This list should be printed on bright cardstock and attached to the front of the HOMEWORK Folder

1. Show my homework folder to my parents.
2.   Do my homework.  Have a parent check it.
3.   Pack my homework and all books in my backpack.
4.   Make my lunch or get lunch money.
5.   Pack a healthy snack everyday.
6.   Bring my library book to school on _____________.
7.   Have my Spanish done by _______________.


Send this out early in the year and then again in January to replenish supplies.

Dear Parents,
The first week of Third Grade is over.  I think we had a very positive beginning of the year.  Thank you for returning the many paper documents sent to you from school in a timely manner.  Here is a list of supplies/documents that we do not have:
Thank you very much for your support.  I look forward to working closely with you this school year.  Sincerely, Jan Snider


I found this online somewhere - very cute...
Homophones are words that sound the same but have a different meaning.
 We made a riddle for different homophones.
Can you work out what they are?

1. Can you bake with something in the grass?
2. Can a woman have a baby in the sky? 
3. What colour is the same as some one reading?
4. What animal is on your head?
5. A vegetable dripping water.  
6. Not very tough for 7 days.
7. When you look at it you do it!
  8. It walks in the woods, with nothing on.
 9. Begin a letter living in forest.
 10. Wear silver clothes after day.
 11. You ride one when your throat is sore.
12 . Can you eat it and play golf at the same time?
 13. The Queen and the sky both do this.
  14.  A girl's name in the morning.
 15. Part of a shoe in your body.
16. Not a girl floating in the sea.
17. All around and next to the throne.
18. Trapped in prison but not buying.
19.  A tree with lots of grains.
20.  Meaning of a clock and a herb.
21. Hard thief.
 22.  Walk up and down using your eyes.
 23. Are you dull and made of wood?

Homophone Answers

1. Flour / Flower
2. Son / Sun
3. Red / Read
4. Hare / Hair
5. Leek / Leak
6. Week / Weak
7. Sea / See
8. Bear / Bare
9. Dear / Deer
10. Knight / Night
11. Horse  Hoarse
12. Tea / Tee
13. Reign / Rain
14. Dawn
15. Sole / Soul
16. Boy / Buoy
17. Air / Heir
18. Cell / Sell
19. Beech / Beach
20. Time
21. Steel / Steal
22. Stair / Stare
23. Bored / Board