Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is a really nice book report concept.  Students read their book for the month.  Get a white cardboard for each student.  Teacher can decide the size that is appropriate for the age group of the students.  Students draw a detailed picture about the book on the front of the cardboard.  At the top of the poster have the students write the name of the book, the author, and their name in black marker.  Students can then color the picture with crayons.  Remind them to fill all of the space, cover the white, and color in one direction neatly.  All of this can be done in class if you wish.  On the back of the poster students need to draw lines (with pencil) to represent puzzle pieces.  You may need to demonstrate on the board.  Teacher decides how many pieces are required.  Each piece will be a part of the book report requirement.  This will depend what you are studying in class and what your concept requirements are for your grade level.  Some requirements:  series of events; title author, copyright, number of pages; character...
The student will give his book report using a piece of the puzzle.  Teacher will need to have something for the student to put puzzle together on.  I used a cork board and gave the students push pins.  At the end of the report all of the puzzle pieces are together and the students get to see the picture.
I find this report keeps the students engaged since they are watching a picture come together.

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