Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mix POWDER PAINT 1/2 and 1/2. Use flat brushes.  It helps to have parent volunteers monitor this activity.  If have a large table, you can monitor 6 students at a time.  Have students put names on back of their paper prior to beginning the project.  Put TICKY TACK beneath paint containers (6 colors) and have students rotate to each color.  Make sure you have covered the table and surrounding floor with newspaper.                                                                                      
After the paint has dried, set up an area for the INDIAN INK. You need a straw for every student.   Adult puts some ink at the lower center area of the paper.  Show students how to blow ACROSS the paper to move the ink and get a tree.  The more they blow, the larger the tree.  Back with black construction paper and post in the hallway. Put a few on your website so parents can enjoy.
Add a poem or another type of writing to finish off the project.

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