Monday, February 22, 2010


This project can be done in a lot of ways.  First way that I like is to either lay an acetate on top of the egg pattern for the students to color and trace, or copy the pattern straight to the acetate for the students to color.  These can be put in the windows and add lots of colors on sunny days.  Be sure to use magic markers - permanent ones are great except for the smell, so keep your doors and windows open for ventilation.  Second way is to give the eggs to the students and let them color, cut out and place in the hallway with a GIANT EASTER BASKET and Easter Grass.  Third way is to blow up, print on tagboard (make sure it is not the slick side), color with markers, and cut out to hang from the ceiling.  Write an Easter or Spring Poem to put on the back side.  See MAY CEILING HANGINGS for another idea.

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