Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is a great program that can be used at any grade level for making sure that the math facts for that grade are learned at the end of the year. This program needs to be started 2 months before the end of the year, so all students have success. I usually started right after Spring Break, if that gave enough time. You are able to build several layers into this program that will meet every child's needs. The BASIC PROGRAM has students move through the basic math facts for their grade level. For 3rd Grade this is the Multiplication Math Facts. 2nd Grade could do Addition or Subtraction Facts or mix them. 4th Grade can do Division or a mix of Multiplication and Division. 5th can do a mix of all the facts or focus on fractions or decimals.

MULTIPLICATION BANANA SPLIT PARTY! Dear Parents, Our third grade math classes are very excited! We are planning a Multiplication Banana Split Party. The children will build their banana split according to how many multiplication facts they know. This is how they earn their “split” items:  

3------------ICE CREAM  
6------------WHIPPED CREAM  
9------------CARAMEL TOPPING  
The party will be held on XXX xxth. If you are able to contribute an item on the list, please write it down and I will be contacting you before the party. Please encourage your child to learn ALL the facts so they have a delicious Banana Split! 
Thank you, 
3rd Grade Teachers  
I will be willing to contribute ___________.  
CHILD’S NAME____________________
PARENT’S NAME__________________

SECOND PART OF THE PROGRAM: After the students earn the BANANA SPLIT by passing all the basic timed tests, they may work toward THE MATH WALL OF FAME which is a poster out in the hallway that has student photos placed in it. To achieve this recognition, students need to pass the four 100 timed tests in ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, and DIVISION. Once they have been successful in this endeavor, take their picture, and place it on the wall board in the hallway. To acknowledge these students we gave them giant Swizzle Sticks purchased from Party City on the last day of school.

THIRD PART OF THE PROGRAM: Students that have their pictures in the hallway can continue to study and progress with MIXED MATH SHEETS.

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