Friday, February 12, 2010


DO YOU WANT A LESSON THAT INVOLVES MANIPULATIVES, IMAGINATION, AND FUN?  HERE IT IS.  GEONIMAL JUNGLE crosses geometry with animals.  A great review of shapes study.  Students create their own geonimals by combining the shape patterns, creating both realistic and imaginary animals.  See the project below.
1.  Copy all materials.  Poem can be placed on a chart or overhead sheet so the students can copy.  One copy of sample animals so students can learn how to find shapes in animals and then draw animals using shapes.  Shape patterns can be copied on colored tag, then cut out, and placed in envelopes.  Colored tag helps students find missing or lost pieces during work time.
2.  Prep students as needed.  You may need intense study of shapes or this may be a fun review.  Look at pictures of animals and find shapes in the animal.  Discuss HABITATS, BODY COVERINGS, BODY STRUCTURE, NEEDS, FOOD CHAIN, LOCOMOTION...any concepts that you wish to cover.
3.  Students lay out shape pieces on their paper to make their animal.  After they are satisfied with their project they may trace the shapes, color the animal in CRAYON, and trace the animal outline to help define it.
4.  Talk about COLORING RULES: color in one direction, cover all the white unless it should be white, like clouds, color darkly for this project - it shows better.
5.  Discuss BACKGROUND for the animals.  What is the HABITAT?  Draw the rest of the picture.  Remind students to FILL THEIR SPACE - DRAW LARGE.  Color neatly.  Put name of student on back of the paper. 
WRITING:  Decide the portion of the poem you wish the students to copy.  For older elementary, students may write some of the poem given and make a portion of the poem about their specific animal.  Emphasize best penmanship since this will be posted in the Hallway.  Place art and writing on a large piece of construction paper and attach the name label.
HALLWAY:  Cut out trees and leaves to frame the student work.  You may want to center a copy of the poem on the wall.  Laminate everything that will be used future years.

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