Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1.  Discuss Category.  Share many Picture Books.  Make sure there is a bulletin board full of items, that are identified by names, relating to Leprechaun.
2.  Build Charts.  Students brainstorm words that would describe Leprechaun using ACTION, SEE, SMELL and TASTE.  Add charts that describe using SIZE, SHAPE, COLOR.  Encourage lots of adjectives, nouns, and verbs.
3.  Think of some SIMILES/COMPARISONS.
4.  Write a class story using all the charts.

 1. What does this PLACE where a Leprechaun is look like?  Use "seeing" sense words.  Can you smell anything?  Continue to build charts of SEE, SMELL...
2.  Who do you like to play with?  Name your friends using Irish sounding first names and add O' to their last name.  Where do you like to play when you are together?  What are some of your favorite games to play?  Think of a SIMILE that talks about this story.
3.  What do you as a leprechaun like to eat?  breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.
4.  FUN as a leprechaun - What special thinks can you do as a leprechaun?  magic?? Think of a SIMILE?  What do you enjoy the most about being with a leprechaun - use lots of imagination and descriptive words.
5.  What is your name?  Think of an Irish sounding first name and simply add O' to your last name.
6.  What do you look like:  size, shape, color.  Describe your eyes, hair, body...
7.  Where do you live - use discriptive words.

After guiding students through process above, begin paragraphs or story.  Encourage "sloppy copy" to be double spaced on front side of the paper.  That way when you help the students with editing, you can write in the line spaces as needed and even cut and move sections of a paper.

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