Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is a great "beginning-of-the-year" bulletin board. The teacher writes 5-7 general learning concepts on clouds. Laminate to use year after year. Then get student pictures, or I had them draw a shoulder/head picture of themselves. Cut the pictures as a window shape and place on plane as window seats. Remember to put the Teacher Picture in the Pilot's Seat! The heading could be "Flying Off To A Great Year". Place plane in the center of the board with clouds all around.
Sample of learning concepts put in clouds (3rd grade):
1. We will learn to multiply and divide.
2. We will learn to write in cursive.
3. We will practice Catholic Values.
4. We will receive First Holy Communion.
5. We will practice organization skills.
6. We will receive First Reconciliation.
7. We will practice study skills.

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