Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is one of the easiest end-of-the-year gifts I have ever seen.  It looks magnificent when completed.  It takes little time and effort.  I used it as my own children's gift to their teachers for the year.  
Go to the dollar store and get the plastic beach/pool bags.  Buy colored tissue paper that matches and compliments.  I used two colors.  Buy curling ribbon that matches the tissue paper.  If you can find plastic child glasses that will match that would be a great touch.  
Prior to filling the bag you need to find out what soda and snack the teacher likes.  A lot of times I knew from spending the year with the teacher.  You might ask the Home Room Mom if you don't know.  
Purchase a 2 liter soda bottle and snack of choice.  If you are not sure get bottled tea and popcorn packs.  Add a magazine like Best Housekeeping, Home and Gardens.....  You can add some sunscreen if you wish.  Fill with tissue paper, tie the handles, add the curling ribbon, attach the glasses - You are done.  Now have your child deliver.  There will be lots of smiles and oohs and aahs.

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