Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This project could be put in the hallway as early as April and stay until the end of the year.  Each child will get a paper plate with their name written vertically.  They need to think of a word or phrase that shows how they have grown in school this year.  If you think this may take too long, send the assignment home for students to discuss with their parents and write on a 'sloppy copy' paper.  Then students can copy onto their paper plate.  Cut out eight petals for each plate.  Students can choose their color from Spring Colors.  Show students how to run a circular bead around the back, flat area of their plate.  Then show how to crinkle the flat side of each petal and press to the glue.  Or if you are fortunate to have a parent volunteer, have then do this part and then put the wall up for you!  Add any art that has been completed like birds, butterflies.  This is a very striking hallway.

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