Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The end of the year is near and you want to get one last art project done.  This is it!  This project needs done in several steps.  1. Students color butterfly.  Encourage neatness. Prior to coloring show different pictures of butterflies so students get the idea of how a butterfly looks.   2.  Students cut out butterfly on outside of line, putting name on the back, neatly.    3.  Students draw a picture of their face on a small paper plate.  Encourage lots of detail - mirrors help so students can see their face.   4.  Trace a circle on a large white construction paper a little smaller than the paper plate.  Show students how to draw flower petals around the circle.  Talk about Spring Colors.  Students need to color the petals of the flower.  This needs done with crayon very dark.  It will take time.  5.  Adult helper or teacher put the projects together - see pictures.  Use colored yarn to hang the pictures.Put child's name in the bottom center of the face side with black sharpie.

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