Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is the probably the last chance your students will get the opportunity to write a letter that year.  What a nice way to practice this skill.  This paper can be used for any Thank You Project, but I chose for the students to thank the school for what they have received.  Before you begin make sure you have a good discussion about what kind of things might be written.  I let the students think back to past grades also.  Encourage best penmanship.  After students are finished (I always had them do a 'sloppy copy' first) with the writing section, proof it, and then let them color.  Encourage best coloring.  Markers give a more vivid color.  Back with colors that are typically thought of for beginning of school - red and green construction paper.  Best part of the wall display was the two pieces of art that we put in the center.  Drawings were of the school-church.   This paper should definitely be placed in the Journal Memory Book.

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