Friday, August 19, 2011


This was a card sent to my class from another class.  The bottom part was the inside prose.  I think it would be a beautiful bulletin board for the beginning of the year.  Use dark blue burlap as the background.  On the balloons write the habits you want your students to practice this year in your class.  You could even start the board without balloons and add one a day the first week or two as you discuss habits you want your children to exhibit.  A fun thing you might do is get helium balloons.  They last about a week.  It would be cute as a 3-D bulletin board.
Good Habits:

1.  Enter classroom Quiet and Ready to Learn.
2.  Hand in Homework everyday.
3.  Use Inside Voices when you are conversing.
4.  Be Polite and Friendly to all your classmates.
5.  Do your Best Work at all times.
6.  Stay in your Seat when teacher is out of the room.

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