Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is an incredibly moving service to begin the year of your Religious Program.  Credit for this ceremony is given to Donna Emnett.
My Third Graders received both sacraments, so this was always a special beginning for our school year.  We purchased angel food cake the night before and prior to the service cut it into 1" chunks so everyone would get a piece.  I made note cards that had the Guardian Angel Prayer on the front and a letter from the Guardian Angel on the back.  Assign some readers for the ceremony.  Everyone should have a copy of the prayer service.  Go on UTUBE and get the song "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.  There are many choices.  I liked to see the visuals that accompanied the song.  I put my choice  on CD, so I would always have that copy.  Or you could use just the music.  Make sure you give the students a copy of the song, so they can sing along.  I attached the angel feather to the little poem below.  I printed the poem on soft blue card stock.  Students  took every thing home that day after the ceremony.  It  made an impressive beginning to our school year.


Sent from GOD above.
To serve as a reminder
Of his precious love.
It’s from your GUARDIAN ANGEL
That GOD assigned to you.
It fell out in her struggles
As she protected you.

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