Friday, August 26, 2011


Before we started the apples, I asked the students for adjectives that described good character traits of a person.  Be aware, the more traits written on the board and explained to the students, the better this project ends up.  Then, I handed out a lined paper and had the students give me one adjective that described each child in the room.  I encouraged them to really spend time thinking about each person before they chose a trait to describe them.  I collected these papers. Then, I took pre-cut apples and wrote 5 of the traits I had been given for each child.  I posted these on a bulletin board for Back-To-School Night for the parents to enjoy.  I placed a note near the board that explained that these traits listed for each child were thought of by their peers in our class.  When I took the board down, I put these in the Journal/Memory Books for the children to continue to enjoy all year.

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