Friday, November 12, 2010


 Teachers are always trying to get some vocabulary work into their week, but time is so tight that trying to get an entire vocabulary program fit into the curriculum is tough. One option is to have fun with vocabulary while doing it once a week.  Print off enough copies of the worksheet to put in the student's booklet.  I copied front and back to save paper.  Make the booklet and present the concept to your students.  I had them look in the dictionary for words they didn't know.  As a class we chose one we were all interested in.  We did it together to show the class what was expected.  Now depending on the ability of your students, you could continue doing words together for awhile or assign it Monday Morning and then collect Friday Morning.  I allowed this to go home if some students seemed to have trouble during the week.  I tried to set a time frame for
the assignment to help the students: Monday- choose word and begin; Tuesday-make sure the word, part of speech, and definition was written in the booklet;  Wednesday- begin detailed drawing to show what the word means; Thursday- complete the work, ready to hand in Friday Morning.  Of course, the booklet could be handed in whenever the job was completed.  If I questioned the word spelling, part of speech, definition or wasn't able to understand the drawing, the students would have to explain it to me.  If they were correct, they received a treat, if I was correct, they had to change the work in their booklet to make it right.  To add to the fun, if a student used one of their words in their booklet, I let them choose a treat from the treasure box.  Try this - it's fun and the words chosen will surprise you...You might just learn something!

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