Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 What happens when you have a child that is absent or a child that is going on a trip and missing a few days of work?  I would have a student gather all of the textbooks/workbooks needed and add all the worksheets.  This would create a stack that could be unwieldy for young children.  To help, I purchased medium sized canvas bags from Hobby Lobby.  I found iron on clip art and wording that was appropriate for the bags.  Try to find colored clip art to save time from coloring it yourself.  You can also go online and find clip art to print onto iron on sheets.
Look on posting: for the paper work I attached to the stack of worksheets.  I asked that ALL the work come back attached to the front sheet so I could check that everything had been completed. This ensured the student was prepared for the curriculum being presented in class when they returned.

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