Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Need an easy, quick way to celebrate birthdays without much hassle?  This is a cute idea.  It needs some prep work before school begins, but then is easy to manage during the school year.  
1.  Get a colored canvas bag from Hobby Lobby.  I chose a dark color so it wouldn't show dirt.  Either iron on clip art or draw a simple design - like the one on the bag.  Write "OUR BIRTHDAY BAG" with a bright color that shows well.  
2.  Buy a birthday book to put in the bag for students to read with their parents on their special day.  A few ideas:
Another Birthday
by Mary Engelbreit (Illustrator)
Birthdays are fun to remember and easy to love when Mary Engelbreit's frolicking friends and lively art provide the tender and thoughtful tributes. This birthday book takes the place of a birthday card for a special friend.

Birthday Magic
by James W. Baker, George Overlie (Illustrator)

Explains ten magic tricks revolving around a birthday theme.
3.   Get sandwich ziplock bags and fill with:
~ Birthday Bookmark
~ Birthday stickers
~ Lollipop
~ No Homework Coupon
You are now ready to face the school year with one job completed.  I put the baggies in a larger ziplock bag and storied in my cabinet next to the birthday bag.  It was so easy to get the bag with the Birthday Book, grab a treat baggie and wish the student a wonderful day.  Make sure the student knows the book comes back the next day with the Birthday Bag.

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