Tuesday, January 19, 2010


DIRECTIONS: Cut out a heart for each player.  If there is an odd number of players - cut out one more heart.  Write VALENTINE RELAY on one side of each heart.  Write an action on the other side.  Think of body actions that you would want your students to practice for their grade level (skip, like a hippo, gallop, walk backwards, like a monkey, like a monster, jump, run, hop).  If you are limited in actions you want practiced, you may write the same action on a couple of hearts.  LAMINATE these hearts for sturdiness and to be able to use every year.  Line up the 2 teams.  Place a stack of hearts in front of each team.  Each stack will have the same activities, but in a different order.  Students run to the hearts, pick up the top one and do the actions it says on the back of the heart across the room to the line you have established and back.  This is great as a party game for Valentines.  You could do the same concept for each holiday season.  Halloween could be pumpkins, Thanksgiving could be turkeys...

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