Thursday, January 21, 2010


Each child needs to make a FRIENDSHIP FOLDER before starting the main project.  Fold a large construction paper in half.  Have students staple the sides with finger spaces between each staple.  Students choose a heart, glues it on their folder, and draw a face on it for them.  Write their name under the heart face.  Attach folders to the child's desk.
Encourage students to think good thoughts about their classmates.  These is something wonderful about everyone!  (Older students) Brainstorm and write phrases on the board or chart paper. Then ask each student to make a paper heart for everyone in the class.  Have a variety of hearts in several colors and sizes for students to choose from.  Give each student a paper that lists the name of each child.  Have the students write the name of a classmate on each heart and (younger students) glue a symbol which most reminds him of that person or is best demonstrated by that child or (older students) have them write one of the phrases off of the board.  Deposit the Valentines into the special Friendship Folders that are attached to each child's desk. To make sure that everyone gets a heart every day, have students start with the name below theirs on the name list and then continue in order. You can work on this project for several weeks. If done in a quiet reflective atmosphere, you will have a more meaningful Valentines Day - one which will have everyone going home with a folder full of good feelings.

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