Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I love genealogy, so I always did this project.  We wrote a letter to our grandparents, enclosing the questions (copied front and back).  Each grandparent needs their own questions.  There is also a worksheet that tells the price of items then and now.  The students found that very interesting.
I had a 1 in. binder that I divided with the student names.  The cover was labeled Marvelous Memories.  When the letters came back from the grandparents, I would let the students share with the class and then add it to our Grandparent Binder.
We also filled out worksheets about our grandparents.  I think you could send these to grandparents or keep in the student Journal/Memory Book.
In addition to the letters, I sent home the grandparent tree.  I asked the parents to fill it out, as needed, due to the space limitations.  These family trees went into our "Family Tree" Class Booklet.  The students enjoyed both these books all year.  At the end of the year, I made sure to add these precious papers to their Journal/Memory Books.

GP letter put inside of cover.

Cover for letter to GP.

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