Friday, September 9, 2011


The project is phenomenal.  It takes a bit of work, but well worth it. You need to explain the three levels of 'liking' you are using:  USUALLY LIKE, SOMETIMES LIKE, USUALLY DISLIKE.  Read each section with the class, explaining in detail and answering all questions to make sure of understanding.  Have the students mark one group with a light dot near the words.  Make sure they double check prior to coloring.  Magic Markers look very bright and colorful.  Remind students of the coloring rules: go one direction, cover all space, and be neat.  Help them with the painter at the top.  Some children do not understand what a paint pallet is.  I had my students color the eyes with their eye color, the brush brown with favorite color at the tip, an appropriate face color...  When completed color the frame two colors-black and tan.  Remind them to be neat and to go slowly.  I had the students cut on the outer frame line inside the dotted line.  We did it together as a class, going very slowly.  I glued the end product on construction paper, made a label stating the three color meanings and attached the label next to the painter on the construction paper.  I made sure this was in the hallway or up in the room for Open House.  When you are ready to take it down, remember to put it in the Journal/Memory Book.

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