Thursday, December 2, 2010


Keep on expecting Good Behavior even during this exciting season.  You need brown Kraft paper, red, white, and black construction paper, scissors, glue, black marker, a plant pot, dirt, a tree branch, and tape.  Place the plant pot in an area of the room where your reindeer mascot can observe the class.  Enlarge the reindeer patterns, trace them on brown Kraft paper, and cut them out.  Trace and cut out two eyes from white paper and add black eyeballs with the marker.  Next, trace and cut out a nose from red construction paper and reindeer hooves from black paper.  Glue the eyes and nose to the reindeer head, tape the reindeer body to the front of the pot, and attach the reindeer head above it.  Cut out two long strips of Kraft paper for the legs, accordion-fold the strips and glue a hoof to the bottom of each strip.  Attach the reindeer legs to the body, allowing them to dangle.  Use one large tree branch or two smaller ones to serve as the reindeer antlers and push the branches into the pot that has been filled with dirt.  Hang candy canes from the antlers and encourage children to name their new mascot.  Your reindeer is now ready to share its candy canes with all the "good little girls and boys" in your classroom.Some adadptations I made to the above directions:  movable eyes, a pom-pom nose, and planted the branch in cement to have less of a mess.

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