Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Display thankful thoughts written by  your students.    Make a turkey body.  Laminate it so it can be used every year. This is the center of your Thankful Thought Bulletin Board.  It actually is in 2 sections.  The neck overlaps onto the body.  I colored it with chalk and then laminated it.  It has kept its bight, bold colors for years.  Now for the student part of the board... Give each student a feather copied onto colored paper.  Students fill in the feather with a list of "thank-yous". These feathers are tucked behind the turkey to finish your Board.  When you take the board down, put the feathers in the Journal/Memory Book.  The Language Arts Concept I focused on was 'things in a series' and where the commas went.   Enjoy reading all the THANKFUL THOUGHTS.