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• The book or magazine title is always underlined in a bibliography!
• If a citation is more than one line long, indent the second line five spaces.
• Put the bibliography in alphabetical order, by the author’s last name. If there is no author listed, use the first word of the title (not “a,” “an,” or “the”).
• When there is more than one author, list the authors in the order they are listed on the title page.
• If you use information from an article in a book or magazine, the article is listed before the title.
Book with one author:
Higham, Cindy. Snowflakes for All Seasons. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith,
The author is listed, last name first. The title is underlined. The city where the book is published is listed followed by a colon and the name of the publisher. The year the book is published is then listed followed by a period.
Personal Interview
Smith, Jane. Personal interview. 10 Feb. 2007.
“Human Spaceflight.” Compton’s Encyclopedia. Volume 22. Chicago, Encyclopedia,
      Britannica, 2004.
World Wide Web/Internet:
Australian Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain. Online. 10 March 2005.

If there is an author, list it first. Title of item is underlined. [online]. Date of access and put the in brackets.
Where to find the information:
Information for bibliographies is taken right from the source. Look at the title page for the publisher, city, and author. Copyright information is found on the verso page. Another good place to look is the computer catalog at the library.

biography --- A book written about a person’s life.
bibliography --- A list of materials used in creating a report or paper.
citation --- Source of information used in a report.
et al. --- “and others”
periodical --- Publication, especially magazine or newspaper that is printed in regular intervals.
place --- City where the publisher is located.
publisher --- The company that produces the material.
signed --- An article that has an author listed.
verso --- Opposite of the title page (the left page of a book).

Lawrence, Sharon and Crawford, Brian. How To Write a Bibliography. Online. 29 March 2007.

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