Friday, October 7, 2011


well-mannered, perceptive, smart, cute, sweet, nice, fun loving, obedient, happy, careful, good sport, task oriented, busy, trustworthy, honest, loving funny, intelligent, pretty, kind, helpful, good-humored, brave, graceful, sensitive, kind hearted, good mannered, truthful, honest, friendly, motivated, creative, artistic, shy, quiet, cheerful, giving

I thought this was on already this site, but I can't find it.  I did this every year and the parents loved it.  If you want to make it harder for the parents to I.D. their child, combine your class with another class.   This project takes about a week to make it look really nice.
First, discuss each question in detail.  You will do height and weight another session.  Write items given by students on the board.  Make sure students are writing NEATLY.  Remind them to answer correctly, but try to make it hard for their parents to identify them.  Once all the questions are answered, you move to the next step.
Next, discuss how to draw a detailed picture of themselves.  It needs to be full body, but make sure students understand about eyebrows, lashes, pupils, fingernails....  I had the students use colored pencil for the picture.
Then, have students use magic markers to color the flag on the question paper and match it to the flag for the heading.  While they are coloring, measure and weigh each child to fill in the answers on their page.  At this time, trace left hand and right foot in construction paper.  I chose contrasting colors - orange and yellow are good choices.  So all feet and hands are traced on yellow and the orange is the back sheet.
Finally, have the students cut out the hands and feet, the banner, and the information sheet.  Have them take their time, so it is neat.  I always had my students cut on the outside of a black line.  I even demonstrated it and showed that you have to cut slowly to do a good job.  BEFORE THEY HAND IN ANY PIECES, have them put their number on the backs.
The Day Before Open House, have the students glue the pieces on the orange construction paper.  Guide them through the process slowly, explaining that less glue is better, and careful placement is needed.  If you have younger students you will need to do this part.
I made the title poster with a large poster board and large gold letters.  I used a glitter glue pin.  I kept it for over 20 years.

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