Friday, September 3, 2010


I always like to give my parents a Written  Conference Report.  I fill out what I can before the conference:  child's strengths, immediate need, areas to work on at school and home.  As I conference with the parent I use what I filled out as a guide.  By the end of the conference, the sheet is very full with helpful information.  I copy the sheet and send the original one home and keep the copy in the child's file.  This document keeps us on track in helping the child have success.   On the back of the Conference Sheet is the Reading Record (left)  I used for the children.  It helped the parents see how their child was progressing in reading throughout the year.                                                                                        When children are old enough, they need to start understanding what their grades will be and where they come from.  One way to begin to let them get an idea of the process is the "self report card".  After it is filled out, conference with the child to let them see the differences and why they are there.   

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